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Marilyn Merlot  HEADER Description 
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$90 @ Marilyn Wines

The striking and glamourous image of Marilyn Monroe in a purple, shoulderless cocktail dress is from photos done for the release of The Asphalt Jungle in 1950, a fil moir classic for which John Huston was nominated for an Oscar.

2007  $100 @ Marilyn Wines 

Diamonds may still be a girl's best friend, but in challenging times an outstanding Marilyn Merlot that appreciates in vaolue year after year offers a safe and savory haven for wine collectors and connoisseurs alike.

2006  $130 @ Marilyn Wines

The photo of Marilyn in a daringly low-cut dress was taken in 1958, and the dress is believed to be the one she wore at the debut announcement of Some Like It Hot


2005  $125 @ Marilyn Wines

Wine collectors and Connoisseurs alike have much to celebrate with the release of the 21st vintage of Marily Merlot, on June 1st......her birthday.
For more than two decades, the release of Marilyn Merlot has become an event much anticipated by legions of fans.
2004  $150 @ Marilyn Wines 

On June 1, 2006, Marilyn Wines celebrated two decades of winemaking history with the release of the twentieth vintage of Marilyn Merlot.
Famed photographer Sam Shaw took the photo of Marilyn used on the label

2002  $190 @ Marilyn Wines   
2001  $160 @ Marilyn Wines  
2000  $200 @ Marilyn Wines  
1993 $500 @ Marilyn Wines    
1991 $700 @ Marilyn Wines    
1989 $3000 @ Marilyn Wines