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We are offering for sale

36 Titleist PRO V1x

NEAR INT Grade Used Golf Balls

(grading chart below)

These Golf Balls have been cleaned, inspected and graded by our professionally trained staff. Click on any of the pictures to the left to see a representative sample of what you will be receiving.

Grading System 

MINT These are the one hit wonders. The kind you lose off the first tee. They have been carefully selected, but some will have minor player markings and logos.


Similar to a ball that has been played for the 1st  9 holes. Some blemishes and slight wear will be visible, but will not make a difference in play.  Some balls will include logo's and pen marks. There will  be no Practice Balls or x-outs in this Grade.

AAA These balls will have some scratches, blemishes, scuff marks and discoloration. Great for practice.
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We have been selling on eBay for the past 15 years. We are also an active member of the Professional eBay Sellers Alliance. We have earned our high feedback rating by working closely with our customers on an individual basis. If for any reason you are not satisfied with this transaction, please contact us so that we can make your purchasing  experience an enjoyable one.