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My Marilyn Blog

"My Marilyn" Internet TV Show      coming in August 2012


About Us
Our namesake Harry Allen was a true world wide trader in the early 1900's, way before the Internet. He was responsible for bringing the Taxi Meter from England to New York. Now his grandson Bob takes over that pioneering tradition in Cyberspace.

Prior to the development of the Internet, in the traditional Brick and Mortar era of the 20th Century, Bob was a seasoned sale professional in the Automotive Aftermarket and the Furniture Industries. 

Getting a taste of the eCommerce marketplace at it's inception in the early 90's, we started out locally by offering local golf clubs a free website in exchange for the email addresses of their members. Many of those initial members are still friends and golfing buddies.

The business expanded from there to a joint venture with the local newspaper website, exchanging "green fee" certificates for advertising, and then holding a monthly online auction that brought our local online community even closer. The thrill of the auction got into our blood.

Developing a local source for used golf balls, we started selling used golf balls on eBay in 2002. Those early years were truly exciting even to seasoned professionals. Then came Marilyn. The rest is the story in the making. The organization has grown over the years..

  • We have become the largest seller of Marilyn Merlot Wines on eBay..
  • We have created a Consignment Program for fellow eBay Members to help sell their wines on eBay.
  • We maintain a Marilyn Blog and encourage new collectors to visit and see what this fuss is about.

With roots in the Marilyn Monroe collectible wine category, we are proud to announce the launching of our new Internet Television Show called "My Marilyn Show".

Can't think of a better way to share with other "Dolphins".

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