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Guaranteed Quality

Comfort is only the starting point - our seat pads are also practical. They quickly strap in place, and are made in different shapes and sizes to fit many makes and models.  Royal Riding products also come with a LIFETIME warranty for the gel pad....guaranteed to nevfer leak, harden or crack.

Our Motorcycle and Off-Road Seat Pads come in the following sizes
Small Medium Large Large w/Relief X-Tra Large Touring
7" x 11" Gel Pad 12" x 12" Gel Pad 14" x 11" Gel Pad 14" x 11" Gel Pad 16" x 12" Gel Pad 18":x 17" Gel Pad

Each of the sizes above is available in the following materials  .... please select the product for you from the choices below



  • Cool in the summer,

  • Warm in the winter.

  • Soft and resilient

  • The free flow of air between you and the sheepskin fibers is a dramatic improvement from the discomfort of leather and vinyl.


  • Genuine “Wet Suit” Neoprene

  • 100% waterproof

  •  soft and durable-looks great

  • excellent insulation


  • Lined for ultimate protection and maximum airflow

  • Waterproof Zipper

  • No-Slip Grip Bottom

  • Self Tightening & Adjustable Straps