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    Hueneme HS Navy Jr. ROTC     

Oxnard College

FYE 2016-2017

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2nd Half 2015

1st Half 2016

2nd Half 2016

Upcoming Broadcasts


Oxnard College LIVE  

Date Event Time
3-28 Hueneme HS Boys Volleyball Match vs Rio Mesa    6:30 PM
3-29 OC Literature Arts & Lecture Series: Get Ready for Jazz 1 PM
3-30 TEMPO-Riverpark COMEDY HOUR 6pm
4-4 Hueneme HS Boys Volleyball Match vs Oxnard 6:30 PM
4-5 OC Literature Arts & Lecture Series: Performance Poetry Blends 1 PM
4-5 Latino Thought Maker Series 6PM
Newsworthy Events
3-23 Ventura County Women of the Year 3-24 Condor Friday   CI HS
3-22 LAS Ira Meyer's Antarctica 3-22 Port Hueneme Special City Council Meeting
3-8 OC LAL Moctezuma's Mexico 3-3 Condor Friday
3-1 Karla Kirk discusses Shared Cultural Values & Heritage 3-1 OC Culinary Cooking Show #1
2-22 OC LAL History of Negro Baseball Leagues

2-21 Town Hall Meeting on Health Care Issues held by Congresswoman Julia Brownley



2-17 CVRWF with Shane Skelton

2-17 Oxnard College FYE Panel Workshop



2-14 Oxnard College Culinary Arts Program 2-13 Port of Hueneme Celebrates Silver Anniversary



Oxnard College Literature, Arts & Lecture Series 2017 Introduction

Art Comes Alive @ The CIMM on February 18th & 19th


2-1 Latino Thought Makers Series - Horatio Sanz is Rick Najera's Guest


1-17 Dreamers Town Hall Meeting @ Pacifica HS


NBVC presents the Pathways paid Internship Program at Pt. Mugu to Oxnard College Students


12-7 Latino Thought Makers Series

2016 Holiday Special


Our History

Logistics of Tropical Fruit through the Port of Hueneme

The Vision for the Future



In Review


In Review


The Boomer



Some of our  Treasures


"Casey @ The Bat" presented by Gabe Pesce

"Casey @ The Bat" presented by Gabe Pesce

Mary Anne Rooney interviews Bob Allen,






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