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Tempo Fan Appreciation Week

September 11-15, 2017

Tempo Comedy Night 

March 30, 2017 

Upcoming Events

Resident Appreciation Week

Monday 9/11 Honoring the Fallen
Tuesday 9/12 Air Fryer Tuesday

Join us for a demonstration of the latest in cooking technology presented by one of our own Tempo residents.

See your favorite foods cooked with 90% less calories

Wednesday 9/13 Painted Cabernet

Do you like to paint? Do you enjoy Fine Wine? Great, you can do both.... unleash the inner artist.

Thursday 9/14 Mobile Car Wash

We want your ride to look as fresh as you do, so we are bringing the wash to Tempo

Friday 9/15 Movie Night

Come and take the night off on us....

Saturday 9/16 Breakfast Delight

We'll have so many different delicious breakfast goodies cooked up just for you.

Sunday 9/17 Sundae Sunday

Come join us for some sugary delights. Build your own ice cream sundaes