Literature Arts & Lecture Series


Wednesday, April 11

Poems at the Crossroads of Hope and Doubt, Science & Faith

Chris Buckley


Wednesday, April 4

Performance Poetry Blends with Symphonic Sound Sculptures

Ellyn Maybe & Roobbie Fitzsimmons

Unfortunately there was a problem with the Video and it could not be archived.

Wednesday, March 29

Get Ready for Jazz: A Solo Piano Performance by

Danny Green


Wednesday, March 22

Antarctica: An Awe-inspiring World of Ice

Ira Meyer will present a slide show of the icy world - a photographer's dream world that he has visited 30 times - which he claims is like traveling to another planet, and will include pictures of penguins, seals, whales and other creatures that make Antarctica their home.



Wednesday, March 8

Moctezuma's Revenge: Visions of the Aztec World

Renowned anthropologist David Carrasco will discuss Tenochtitlan (the Aztec capital and center of the empire that dominated Mesoamerica when Cortes arrived in 1519), the discovery and excavation of the Great Aztec Temple, the myth of Aztlan and the siege and fall of the capital in 1521.



Wednesday, March 1

Shared Cultural Values & Heritage

In celebration of Black History Month, Fresno City College Professor Karla Kirk provided an overview of Cheikh, Anta Diop's "Two Cradles of Civilization", comparing the cultural similarities and shared values in African American culture with he African influences on Mexican culture.



Wednesday, Feb 22

The History of the Negro Baseball League

In celebration of African American History month, filmmaker and entertainer Byron Motley presented clips from his documentary that bring to life a prosperous era featuring contributions by men and women who wanted to "Play Ball" but were ostracized due to the color of their skin.